Unify Mobile - JBS Parent App

Wednesday 28th April 2021


Dear Parents,

We have been working alongside Clarion Call for the last year to introduce tracking onto our network of school bus routes.  All our JBS routes that serve Abingdon School and St Helen and St Katharine now have access to the Unify Mobile app that tracks the progress of the coach as it carries out the AM & PM routes.   The app is designed to make you aware of the progress of the journey between stops.  It does not however allow you to see the exact location of the coach.

The app also now enables you to submit a lost property form and contact us form.   We hope to make other information available via the app in the coming months.

We are currently working with Abingdon Prep to roll this out across the prep routes over the remainder of the Summer term.  The parent interface of the app which will give you a list of available routes and the ability to watch the one that is used by your child. Please be aware that tracking will be switched on as we become confident that the operator using the system has grasped how to use it.

Please be aware that if no route data is available this may be down to a signal issue or driver error and unfortunately outside our control.  No need to contact the Transport Manager to alert us to this.

The free app is called Unify Mobile (Invessel B.V) and is available from both Play Store for Android and App Store for Apple devices.  It has a green C as the logo.   Once the app has been downloaded you can login using the email address that Jointbus hold for you.

When you sign into the app please click on the Bus symbol at the bottom.  It should recognise the route used by your children.    

Best wishes


Abingdon JBS