JBS Covid-19 measures from September 2020

Buses will run as normal from the beginning of term in terms of routes and timings. Students will need to travel on the coach that they have booked for and cannot re-book for an earlier or different coach. All our coach operators have processes in place to ensure their buses are kept clean at all times. This document is to ensure that students understand their obligations in keeping themselves and others safe.

In order to protect the bus drivers and their fellow students (some of whom have underlying health conditions or families where there are shielding concerns) we are asking students to take responsibility for protecting themselves and others during their journeys to and from school.

In addition to their usual health and safety requirement to wear a seatbelt at all times, the following Covid-secure procedures need to be adopted. This applies to everyone using the JBS, irrespective of age. These procedures are mandatory. Any student not adopting these procedures may be refused permission to travel. Students should be aware that they may not be given a warning to change behaviour, permission may be withdrawn as a first measure.

As the bus arrives the bus driver will disembark, students will need to give the driver at least ‘one metre plus’ social distance. Students must use the hand sanitiser provided at the entrance to the coach.

Students must wear masks at the bus stop and throughout the duration of the journey. Should a student have a medical issue that compromises their ability to do this they will need to contact the health centre at their school in advance of their first journey (St Helen’s nurse@shsk.org.uk; Abingdon health.centre@abingdon.org.uk)

In preference, students should use a named, clean fabric mask every day, rather than a disposable mask. Students should not eat or drink on the bus as this would mean the removal of their mask.

On arrival at school, students should be careful about their mask, storing it in a named plastic bag. If they absolutely have to use a disposable mask they must ensure that it is disposed of in a closed bin on site.

Where possible, students should only bring bags that can be left in the racks above them or held on their lap during the journey and avoid bringing luggage that needs to be stowed underneath the coach. This is to limit cross-contamination in the luggage area as much as possible.

The coach will load with the students at the earliest stops going to sit at the back. Students joining later should go to the furthest available seat. Where possible, boys should sit on the left-hand side of the bus and girls on the right-hand side. When the bus arrives at their destination, students should be patient and wait for others to leave ahead of them when unloading.

Students should not share any items eg headphones on the journey and should face forward at all times.

At the end of the school day students should be wearing masks as they enter the bus and, if possible, sit towards the back if their stop is later and towards the front if they get off sooner.

Sixth form and older students will be expected to uphold the highest standards of responsibility, ensuring that these procedures are followed. They will be expected to report any issues. Coach drivers will also be asked to report and the internal coach CCTV may also be reviewed.