St Giles' Fair Oxford Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th September

St Giles Fair (Monday 9th & Tuesday 10th September 2019)

This year we have the added complication that Walton Street will be closed whilst the fair is in the centre of Oxford.   We will be putting the below changes into place on Monday and Tuesday morning next week.

North Oxford AM (Plastows Coaches)

After the Park Town/Norham Road stop on the Banbury Road, the coach will proceed to our stop in Wootton, near Abingdon. Please be aware that it's possible that the coach may be a bit later than usual. If you board the coach by the Playhouse on Beaumont Street please can you use the Oxford Station stop on Monday & Tuesday.

Woodstock Road AM

This route will split into 2.  

Part 1 (Pearces Coaches) will cover the normal stops along the Woodstock Road up to St Margarets Road. The coach will then head into School. If you use the Plantation Road stop please will you use the St Margarets Road stop on Monday & Tuesday next week.

Part 2 (Pearces Coaches) will start at Oxford Station at 07:59 and the head down the Botley Road to collect all the other stops that form part of the Woodstock Rd AM route. It’s likely that the coach may be a couple of minutes behind schedule.

Return Services

We will continue to operate both our 4.20pm & 5.20pm services to the Oxford area. Delays are likely to affect stops after Oxford Station. If you normally get off at a stop by the Ashmolean Museum, please will you use the Oxford Station stop instead.

All routes will return to usual from Wednesday morning.

Many thanks for your cooperation.